Experience Ecological Olive Farming

on Slovenia's Mediterranean Coast

Welcome to Gramona Farm

Gramona Farm is an ecological olive farm set in a unique location on Slovenia’s Mediterranean coast. Our farm spans 8 hectares of land across two locations.


Our olive groves on the southern slopes of the picturesque Seca peninsula boast panoramic views over the Salina Nature Park and the sea, where we grow olives, persimmons, and figs. Additionally, we have another location by the river in the valley with hazelnuts and pastures.

Our Olive Groves

Our olive groves are spectacular! With a sunny southern disposition, lovely sea breeze, and a special microclimate above the salt pans, our olives develop a unique character. Most of our olive trees are 30–35 years old and continue to produce quality olives showcased in our delicious extra virgin olive oil.


We grow almost 20 different varieties of olives, including our local variety Istrian Belica and the Italian variety Leccino.

About us

At Gramona, established in 1980, four generations work together harmoniously, from our youngest teenagers to our 91-year-old nonno.


Family values are central to our success, with each member contributing uniquely. Together, our family team embodies the essence of Gramona.

On our farm we work with nature following permaculture and regenerative farming principles.

Boutique Farm Shop

Visit our Farm Shop to buy our extra virgin olive oils and other gourmet produce.


Our products include extra virgin olive oil with Denomination of Origin, pickled olives, olive salt, olive leaf tincture, herbal teas, hazelnuts, hazelnut butter, local olive paté, local wine, and natural cosmetics like olive oil and lavender ointment.

Olive Tours

Experience the exclusivity of our olive tours amidst the stunning olive groves of the southern slopes of the picturesque Seča peninsula. Enjoy panoramic views over the Salina Nature Park and the sea.


For organized groups, we offer the Gramona Classic Olive Tour and the Gramona Gourmet Olive Tour.


Individual visitors can choose from the Gramona Olive Tour at our Farm Shop or indulge in a Gramona Picnic experience.

At the end of our beautiful Slovenia holiday tour with a group of about 30 people, everyone was asked what their most beautiful and interesting impression was. The majority said it was our time at your farm! And we saw a lot before and afterwards! Your olive harvest was just taking place, and everything you prepared at the pergola was so beautiful! Thank you for what you are doing for biodiversity and everything else! That was a true five-star event for us.
Martin Grund
We had the time of our lives at Nina's olive grove. She is knowledgeable and has a lovely personality, teaching us all about olive oil making. The degustation was a wonderful experience, watching the sun go down in the salt plains while eating delicious pâté and sipping her homemade elderberry juice. Gramona Farm is a must-visit when in Portorož!
Cecília Nagy

Where are we?

Gramona is located at the Seča peninsula

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Gramona Farm